RSS links and icons on a dark WP bLog

by krisrowland

Apt that my first proper post is one about the bLog itself…

I have finally managed to put some RSS subscription links on the widget column of this bLog. To add the links, you just need to add a new `text’ widget. HTML code may then be added within it. For example, I used:

<a href=””><img src=””&gt; Posts feed</a>

This code is evaluated at HTML with your browser doing whatever the default function is for an RSS feed. FireFox typically gives a preview of the feed with the option to subscribe to a range of readers (I use Google Reader). The image link creates an RSS feed image in the link; looks pretty. However, the set of RSS icons I came across first 1) didn’t have the typical orange color I was after and 2) had a white background so the corners looked stupid on a dark-background theme like the one I use. I found the link used on a page within my Dashboard. As it turns out, every WordPress account has a folder dedicated to such useful bits of media! The RSS image was placed, for me, at: