Dell E notebook – wherefore art thou?

by krisrowland

I really want a Dell E notebook. Like, really really want one. I was thiiis –>  <– close to buying an ASUS Eee 901, but decided not to based on the price (~AU$600) and the promise of the soon-to-be-released Dell E (August, according to the Dark Forces of the Interweb).

I use an Asus A6000 at the moment. It’s nice. It can be frustrating at times (wireless is near to useless) but it’s OK. Main main issue is the size and weight. I want to be able to ride to Uni everyday with my notebook in tow (preferreably on my back in a backpack). Also, if I want to take the train, a smaller form factor is much welcome. And finally, I really don’t need a laptop to play games; I only really use mine for work, now. I really want a Dell E.

As soon as they’re released, I’ll be snapping one up (probably the Dell E Video). Expect many posts about my experiences once this happens.