Dell Inspiron Mini 9 – Australian release

by krisrowland

Finally! Dell have released their answer to the netbook extravaganza: the Dell Inspiron Mini 9; and I’ve ordered one 😀 The link is to the Aussie release; what looks like the highest-end version from the suite released for America. From what I can tell, the UK is in the same boat as Australia (insert convict pun here?), with only the one high-end model being offered.

Dell Mini Inspiron 9 - courtesy of Dell

Dell Mini Inspiron 9

I’m not complaining, though. It looks very slick and I’m definitely impressed with Dell’s laptops, my girlfriend having had one for a few years, now. I held off on buying an Asus Eee 901 as I’ve been using an Asus A6k for a long time now; it’s nice but a lot of the parts failed after about a year (replaced by warranty, thankfully) and a lot of the components used weren’t Linux-friendly. e.g. the notorious Broadcom wireless card is an absolute pain. Everything just feels right when I use my girlfriend’s Inspiron 6000 (what’s up with the 6000s in the laptop model names?). I know a lot of it is luck or personal preference, but I’m giving it a go, regardless.

I’ll be posting a lot about my experiences with the Dell Inspiron Mini 9. Since the Aussie release only ships with Windows XP Home (no Linux option >_<) the first thing I do will be to try out a few Linux distros on it. Probably OpenSUSE, Fedora Core, and Ubuntu, in that order. There seems to be very little in the way of user-experience with the unit thus far. I hope that will change soon.