Dell Inspiron Mini 9 – Mine’s arrived!

by krisrowland

My Dell Inspiron Mini 9 has arrived! Unfortunately I’m at Uni, so I’ll have to wait until tonight before I can mess with it 😥

First impressions:

  • It’s small. Very small. But not too small. Perfect for carrying basically anywhere.
  • It feels nice and solid. Great to touch. I’m sure that shiny lid will get grubby very quickly, though. Think I’ll invest in a soft pouch that also polishes.
  • While the screen is small, it uses the lid realestate well. Dell have clearly worked hard on the design: the lid hinges hide the non-screen space at the back of the unit when the lid is open, showing only the speakers. Nice.
  • The keys seem OK to type on. The non-alpha keys will be a hassle to get used to, though, since they’re very small. Meh. I’ll be using a desktop for any extended work, so I’m not fussed.

Spare time in the next week will be devoted to sussing this little unit out. Can’t wait!