Boot Norton Ghost 14 SRD from a USB stick

by krisrowland

I really like Norton Ghost. It’s saved me countless hours/days of reinstalling Windows OSs. My dilemma now, though, is that my new Dell Mini 9 doesn’t have an optical drive. That means there’s no way to boot the System Recovery Disk (SRD) except via USB. Short of buying a USB external optical drive, how can this be done? The answer is to load the SRD onto a USB stick and boot from that. But booting OSs from USB drives can be a real pain… Doing it for the SRD, though, is remarkably simple:

  • Boot the SRD disc on a machine that has an optical drive.
  • Insert USB stick (may have to do this before booting SRD, depending on how your machine behaves)
  • Open a command line (under one of the menu options)
  • Run the diskpart command line app. (Type: diskpart)

Enter the rest one after the other:

  • list disk, to find the drive number of your usb stick.
  • select disk #, to select the usb disk (put the number you found in the previous step in place of the # – be absolutely certain you have the right number!)
  • clean
  • create partition primary
  • select partition 1
  • active
  • format fs=fat32
  • assign
  • exit

Now simply copy the contents of the SRD disc over to the USB stick root directory. That’s it! Now, provided you can boot from a USB stick easily enough, you can boot the SRD straight from the USB drive.

Thanks to this Symantec forum post for the solution!

I’m guessing you could do the disk formatting and partitioning outside of the SRD session, but this way makes it possible for those who don’t have any live Windows installs. Handy.