Dell Mini: Migrating from XP to Linux

by krisrowland

Since Dell aren’t selling the Ubuntu-based Minis in Australia yet, I had to `settle’ for the full XP version; certainly not something I regret, as XP runs awesomely on it. Now I’m wanting to migrate to my preferred production OS: Linux. I’m not fussed about the flavour. My preferences were initially openSUSE, Fedora Core, Ubuntu, etc… From what I’ve found thus far, openSUSE is very hard to get working on the Dell Mini. I won’t go into details but suffice to say it’s non-trivial.

I’m now turning my sights to Fedora Core 9. Fedora was one of the first Linux OSs I ever used. I like it. Evolving from RedHat, it’s quite a bit different from the Debian-based Ubuntu that I’m so used to now, but I really want to try it again (from all reports it’s quite a cracker). It appears some XP-model Mini owners have had some success installing Fedora 9 (here and here – both bloggers are named John/Jon; conspiracy? You decide…). The main issues unsuprisingly arise from the horrible Broadcom wireless card and the Atom Motherboard network adapters. These issues can be overcome and I hope to detail my success soon.