Mounting Ext2/Ext3 filesystems in Windows

by krisrowland

For reasons I’ll discuss in the next post, I just needed to copy a Linux image (Fedora Core 9 image ~3.5GB) to an Ext filesystem from Windows Vista. Since I couldn’t be bothered getting out my laptop which runs Ubuntu, I figured I’d see if I could do it in windows (Vista on this machine). Sounds much easier than just getting my laptop out, hey?

As it turns out, it almost was. An awesome German chap by the name of Stephan Schreiber has written drivers and a nice control panel GUI for mounting (and assigning drive letters to!) Ext filsystems under all popular flavours of Windows! The package is Ext2IFS. It worked immediately for me. Very very happy. A pure work of art.

The Ext2IFS site explains all you need to know. It really is easy!