Fedora Core on the Dell Mini 9 – update

by krisrowland

I’m still having major issues with my new wireless… All appears to be fine at Uni (remarkable since its a fairly complicated WPA2 enterprise certificate + login jobby) but my home wireless continuously drops out on the Mini. I thought it had something to do with suspending and reconnecting but now I’m having dropouts on a fresh boot.

I’ve decided to install FC10-beta and see how I go. I wanted to try it anyway, so I’m not really fussed.

EDIT: Scratch that… I’m going to try Arch Linux. Oniq commented they were using Arch in a comment a couple of posts back and seemed to have some success. Arch looks very nice, very slim, and has an extraordinary online faq/manual. Looks great.

All in all, I’m enjoying the experience, just wireless is very frustrating.