Richard Dawkins interviews Derren Brown; complete, unedited, footage

by krisrowland

This is wonderful! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing my favourite academic Richard Dawkins interview my favourite entertainer Derren Brown in Dawkins’ documentary The Enemies of Reason. Now, have posted the FULL LENGTH UN-EDITED interview on their YouTube channel. The channel has many other great goodies, as well.

Their discussion starts out on cold reading and its applications and then delves more into the implications of so-called ‘mediums’ on those who choose to believe them. They also have a very interesting discussion about why such people choose the career of a (false) medium (not suggesting there is such a thing as a ‘real’ medium even for a moment). There is much much more material in this unedited version than the short snippets used in Dawkins’ documentary. Well worth a watch for those who have the slightest interest.

Thanks to Skeptobot for bringing this to my attention.