Fixed: Gnome clock shows wrong time (GMT / UTC instead of local) in persistent live USB Ubuntu 8.10

by krisrowland

Hopefully this is the last major bug I find with my persistent Ubuntu 8.10 install for a while: it seems that the Gnome clock displays UTC (or GMT) time no matter what settings I change. I think the main reason was that my timezone settings weren’t being saved upon reboot. First, I set the clock to sync with internet servers:

Administration -> Time and Date -> Configuration -> Keep syncronised with internet servers

Install the NTP packages when prompted then select your location and servers to sync from. This is where my settings would be forgotten. After a reboot, the Time Zone field would be blank. Grrr. What I found, however, is that I could reset the tzdata (where the timezone settings are kept) manually by running:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

After executing this to ensure the correct timezone was selected, I then set this command to be run automatically and non-interactively at startup by adding it to System -> Preferences -> Sessions -> Add -> Command: “sudo dpkg-reconfigure -f noninteractive tzdata”. (Thanks to Alexis’s post on Debianhelp for highlighting the command). This seems to have done the trick.

Uuuuugh. Painful.

This will probably be fixed in a kernel update sometime.

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