Batch convert images using GIMP in Ubuntu

by krisrowland

The amount of times I’ve wanted to do the same thing to multiple images… e.g. converting a collection of .tif images into .jpg. I usually cave in and end up doing it manually – yuk!

Today I finally found an excellent tool for batch automating most image transformations/effect you’d want. It’s a GIMP plugin called David’s Batch Processor. You could Google it, download the source, compile it and finally get it to play with GIMP, or (if you’re using Ubuntu) you could just install the gimp-plugin-registry package via synaptic or aptitude. This package (maintained by the Ubuntu-MOTU dev team and kept in the Universe repos) contains heaps of useful GIMP plugins; David’s Batch Processor is just one. Do yourself a fovour and check it out!