Acroread printing in Crunchbang #! Linux: “The print process returned error.”

by krisrowland

I’m currently using the excellent Crunchbang (#!) Linux (ver. Statler), trying to print a document via acroread (GUI) with little luck. After a couple of hours trying to figure out why acroread was throwing me the error:
The print process returned error. Please check whether the printer is connected to the machine.
I finally figured out it was because acroread is configured by default to use the lpr command which, at least for my #! Statler install, is not installed and configured for CUPS control by default. Instead, #! Statler uses the lp command for CUPS printing from the command line. You can force acroread to use lp by default by creating a custom print command:
File -> Print -> Name -> Custom
and simply type lp into the custom command field. Extra commands can be fed to lp via tags and arguments as you would in the command line.

Of course this is an issue with acroread and not Crunchbang 🙂