Amaysim UNLIMITED on an iPhone 4

by krisrowland

My previous (expensive) mobile contract recently came to an end. I took this opportunity to sign up with Amaysim. Their plans are cheap, non-committal, convenient and allow you to easily transfer your existing number. I chose to go with their UNLIMITED plan because of the excellent value… and because the plan’s name is in capital letters; that kind of marketing just can’t lose. For AU$39.90 per month, the Amaysim UNLIMITED plan gives you unlimited standard calls and SMS (including mobile calls) and 4GB of data (more than I could ever use in a month). Not only that, but Amaysim also offer iPhone tethering for free, and by default with new plans. The Amaysim sevices use the Optus 3G network. With all that, I think it’s excellent value.

After activating the service and paying my first lot of credit (pre-paid – there is a post-pay option), I was up and running in a couple of days. The only hitch was getting the 3G data connection to work on my iPhone 4…

The answer for this is the same as for getting any alien data service working on a smart phone: change the access point name (APN) profile. Amaysim actually provide instructions for changing your APN:
It seems, then, that updating the APN is easy on configurable phones, e.g., HTC. The iPhone, however, is always more tricky… more closed.

The Amaysim troubleshooting page suggests updating the phone via iTunes in order to get the latest APN for the inserted SIM. I hate iTunes and avoid it whenever I can. A quick and easy alternative is to open the iPhone’s Safari browser and point it to: This site can automatically generate an APN for you based on the SIM’s service provider.

I found that, for this Amaysim plan, these setting worked:
– Go to in Safari.
– Go to Custom APN
– Profile name “internet”
Name: “Amaysim”
– Leave the password blank
Carrier: “AU – Optus”
– Select Create profile
– Select Install
– Select Install Now

That’s it! The APN should install and open up the Optus 3G connection for the Amaysim SIM card.

When I first did this, I received an error message: The UUID for the profile “APN carrier settings” is not unique. This is easily fixed by removing any existing APN profiles by:
– Settings
– General
– Profile (APN Carrier Settings)
– Remove
– Follow steps above to install custom APN

Good luck!