CUPS print server administration in CrunchBang/Debian Linux

by krisrowland

In trying to reconfigure my printer configuration in CrunchBang Statler, I had to change the default printer within the CUPS print server configuration. This is because I’m using a custom print command to print from acroread. In acroread, under Printer -> Name, I’ve chosen custom, with this command as input:

lp -o sides=two-sided-long-edge

which ensures I can print duplex to my particular printer, a networked Lexmark E260dn, which incidentally has relatively good linux compatibility.

Somewhere along the line, something broke and I had to re-check that this printer was both in the list of printers known to CUPS and that it was set as the default.

The problem arose when opening the CUPS web GUI (found by pointing your browser to the default address: localhost:631) and trying to do administrative tasks, e.g., Printers -> Manage Printers; it would ask for authentication details (I used my local user details) and then deny me.

It turns out that the problem is due to my user not being added to the lpadmin group. To add a user to this printer group, as superuser, execute:

adduser your_username lpadmin

Reloading the CUPS web GUI then allows the user to make admin changes, such as finding printers and setting them as defaults. Solved.